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LPL Suites Greenbelt is located at the crossroads of Makati's most prominent business and commercial establishments. With the Greenbelt mall literally across the street from LPL Suites, guests will have no shortage of events and shops to check out. Apart from malls, a number of prominent art galleries are located in Makati. These establishments show the best of what the local art scene has to offer.

Hail to the Nightly Beasts of the Dark Sessions

nightly beasts

12 May – 2 June, Department of Avant-Garde Clichés

"Hail to the Nightly Beasts of the Dark Sessions" combines the works of Manuel Ocampo, David Griggs, and MM Yu, presenting the hallucinatory state of Imagination's dark assembly through prints, photos, and video.

Photographs of discarded furniture and stoic sacks are portrayed with a charming humanity on an otherwise ignoble and forgettable condition. They return us with a gaze that seems to mock and remind us of our own frailty and despair. A video plays of a train on an endless journey ridden by kids wearing grotesque monster masks – the inside coming outside betraying the illusion of innocence, and of the exotic, when things about the landscape reshapes into ghetto hell. While men branded for life takes them out of the arena of the real only to find themselves living within the realm of broken dreams.

Hairy Things

hairy thing

26 May – June 23, Pablo Gallery

Hairy Things gathers artists who represent current modes of art practice that are not really gender specific in their mastery and focus of their respective forms of expression and subject matter. It only happens that they are females and are doing it in their most idiosyncratic way.

We are given these diverse presentations and formats and concerns by these 4 artists that any discussion about the F thing can now readily be glossed over, but not readily and necessarily so I'm afraid. So yeah, let's bring it on and let it all hang loose, all those F things and all those Hairy things related to that F thing.

Petals of Gladness

final art

23 May to 1 June, Finale Art File

Self-taught painter Lydia Durano Rodriguez offers this collection of still life floral paintings, rendered in expressive and textured brushwork. The artist uses saturated colors and broad brushstrokes to simulate the tactile wonders of local and exotic blooms: to capture the translucent layers of petals and delicate intertwine of flower and stem. She also connotes personal stories and reflections in capturing these symbols of beauty, hinting at the happy memories and nostalgia that these blooms bring back. This particular show is organized for the benefit of The Oblates of St. Joseph Minor Seminary, San Jose, Batangas and the San Juan Nepomuceno School, Malibay, Pasay City.

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