Blast from the past: Makati

To most travellers, Makati has always been what it is today – a busy hub of business and trade. It's hard to imagine a time when Makati wasn't full of modern high-rises and the sprawl of urban development. Some locals will recall a time when Makati was just hinting at its current level of development.

Below are a few pictures that show just how far the city has gone.

Ayala Avenue, 1960s.

Ayala 1960s

Ayala Avenue,1970s.

ayala avenue 1970

Ayala Avenue, 1983.

ayala avenue 1983

Buendia corner Ayala Avenue, circa 1974

Buendia 1974

Glorietta Park, 1980s

Glorietta Park 1980

Rustan's, 1970s.

Rustan's Makati

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